I use to indulge myself in several architecture designs to keep my home appearance fresh and attractive. If you still have old flooring which was installed ten years ago, then you can see patches and color fading marks are prominent this is just because we do not pay extra attention to flooring. We do not have enough knowledge to get to know how to maintain laminate flooring what are specific do’s and don’ts which we need to consider after installing. Initially, I also had no idea how to keep my room’s flooring, so I thought to do a study on its maintenance factors, and I was succeeded in it. In this blog, I am going to share my practical tips which will lead you to save your flooring.


  • Don’t do sweeping

Don’t do sweeping with a wet mop because it will minimize its shine. Dry mop or vacuum cleaner would be best for this job. Traditional brooms are not recommended because they do not clean all floor efficiently and you may see rest of the particles after brooming the floor. Use vacuum cleaner which would be easily adjustable on the hard floor as well.

  • Don’t use especial laminate floor cleaner

Nowadays we are dependent on specific filters for any job we just use cleaner to get rid of that problem, but this is not a suggested to put directly cleaner on the floor. If the laminate floor is essential to use, then I would recommend applying such chemical which is ideal for your floor features. Once I tried out a homemade solution for cleaning I just used soapy solution with little bit water quantity to clean and trust me that worked.

  • Don’t use water on laminate

When we need to clean something, then our first approach is to use water because we can’t imagine anything to clean without water. Let me tell you one thing here water is not a solution to everything most of the time water plays a crucial role rather than cleaning. If you are thinking to use gallons of water to clean you laminate floors then definitely you are making a mistake here. Water can seep in between laminate boards and flooring would be damage and expand as well. I would suggest using spray rather than using the excessive amount of water and then clean that particular patch. Majority quick-step laminate flooring is available in the market with full guidance to let you know how easy to install these floors and maintaining as well.

  • Don’t use low-quality buffing

This is recommended to use only high-quality buffing because buffing is utilized for the shining of your floor if it would be of good quality then you will see outstanding results otherwise low-level radiant buffs will fade the surface within few days or after moving one or two times. For this purpose microfiber cleaning cloths are the ideal buffing dusters for the shining of your floors.

These are some factors which are not recommended for maintenance. You need to avoid these because it will not only affect your floor appearance also will waste your money which you spent on its installation. Just because of proper maintenance you can have long lasting flooring over the several years. Several laminate floorings will give you full guidelines as per the recommended professionals. They will let you know what is best for your flooring.