Apart from home refurbishment, do you want to make your wall design of your room a spotlight? For this purpose, you have to put your whole effort into research. Accent walls will give an aesthetic appearance to your room or will turn out a great disaster. If you don’t want to ruin your wall designs, then do a detailed research because the smart selection of contrasts does matter. Accent wall design would be different from other walls, but it should be incorporated in a complimenting way.

DIYs won’t go well every time because most of the time you use wrong painting techniques with false contrasts that don’t fit best with other walls. Before doing any experiment just see some accent wall samples that will help you to know what type of designs are recommending by designers and what are being preferred by people? Let’s have a look some tips for selecting accent wall for your room

Selecting an Accent Wall

Get started with a selection of accent wall. Follow given below points that wouldn’t lead you towards a disaster. Take a look

Can’t be windows wall

While selecting accent walls, one thing is being frequently recommended from all central aspects that accent walls shouldn’t have windows or any doors. Windows are itself giving aesthetic appealing and adding a compliment to wall design so you shouldn’t try out accent walls where windows are located.

Can be right after to natural or artistic stuff

Whether you are selecting accent wall for your room or your hallways, it should have physical or some decorative things. You will not have desired results without these because if you have natural plants or some old stuff, then your place would be naturally appealing. Wall right after to physical or artistic items can be chosen as an accent wall.

Can be short walls

Accent walls can be for short walls. Long walls would only focus on its length, and it doesn’t fit best. Shorter wall would be more appealing, and it will enhance the visual appearance of your room.

Get to know about trending approach

Light and darker tones are being used in fusion for accent walls. If one wall is of lighter tone, then surrounding ones would be of dark tone. Numerous types of natural features are suggesting for the dramatic look of accent walls. Artistic ornaments are also welcomed to improve the appealing of accent walls.

These were some tips to select an accent wall. If you don’t want to hire any designer and want to experiment then for this, you are required to do a detailed search on its designs. Wrong selection would ruin your whole renovation, and it would be the wastage of money too. Do select unique colour combinations or get inspiration. Improve your accent wall design with spectacular colour schemes