Bathrooms are the smallest room in your house. Whether your family consists of few members or more, the bathroom is the most functional room of the whole of Parliament. Bathrooms have come a long way in the past years. Individual latest installations are introduced for the bathrooms. Hence bathing has turned into a luxury experience in almost every western family. All thanks to the plumbing and modern technology for the evolution of bathrooms into sophisticated ones.  There is a list of Bathroom styles which can provide you with the kind of ease you have always desired. Following are some popular bathroom styles:

  • Edwardian style
  • Victorian style
  • Traditional style
  • Country style
  • Shabby chic
  • Contemporary
  • Fantasy

All these styles give your bathrooms a unique look. Organizing a bath spa into it would enhance the luxuriousness of your bathrooms. It is one of the few adjustments that give you a stress-free environment at the end of a tiring day. You can give your bathrooms brand new look by just adding few design choices, a little bit planning and your time. Follow the below-mentioned few steps to organise a spa into your bathrooms.

Selection of a colour palette:

It is the first phase towards the spa bathroom. Choose a colour palette of your own choice. I have seen that most of the people are looking for innovative renovation ideas of bathrooms in Northampton. So, colors are associated with different moods. Each hue will represent the different opinion. Blues and greens will give your bathrooms a serene spa feeling. Pink will add a feminine colour to your bathrooms. Pink colour will put you in a mood of pampering. Off whites and creams are associated with peace, simplicity and cleanliness. Violets are linked to beauty and inspirations. Green is related to health and tranquillity.

Bring Nature indoors:

Nature often helps us in bringing a meditative, reflective and a peaceful environment. It will restore the sense of serenity. Indoor plants help to make your bathroom space healthier and comfortable to breathe.

Add some spa Products:

Add some spa products to soothe yourself. These include some foot scrubs, face masks, bathing salts, bath oils, scented lotions and a manicure and pedicure products. These products will pamper you for sure. Increase bubbles in your bath tub to increase the relaxing effect.

Use candles and dim lights:

Candles will enhance the relaxing effect of your bathrooms. If you are afraid of fire hazards by candles, install battery power candles that will also give you a real effect. Moreover softening the lights of the bathroom will also add up the mesmerising effect of your bathrooms. Install a dimmer to your bathrooms. You can adjust the lighting in your bathrooms by your mood.

Relaxing Scents:

Spray calming scents into your bathrooms. It will help to achieve a spa like a bathroom. You can use lavender, vanilla, cinnamon, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, etc. for some great effects.


Include sound to your bathrooms by keeping a CD player hidden in your bathrooms. Music helps you a lot in relaxing. It freshens ups one’s mind completely.