Sometimes experiments wouldn’t work for you, and in my case, it never works at all. Yes, I have seen several people who use to do random experiences when these tricks work for them there is no place for them to show their amusement. Alas! But these are just might be the perception of mine. I thought most of the time might be I don’t do such tricks in that manner in which I supposed to do.

Well, you must be confused why I am so upset well one of my friend living in Cambridge has decided to install artificial grass for her lawn area. We all know due to the rough routine of all of us we are unable to pay attention to our garden because in the limited time we can only give our time to our family and inside area of the house. Rest of them are listed for weekends. Well, Outcomes were superb. She was quite happy because she doesn’t need to do any maintenance further because it is convenient to clean rather than to do trim and mower like natural grass.

artificial grassAfter seeing splendid results, I decided to install synthetic grass for my 600 square feet garden area. I was impressed to see its pros because I don’t have enough time to maintain this on a regular basis, so I want to save my time like other. You must be thinking what the pros were? Well, one of its low maintenance and it doesn’t cost too much like natural grass because the fundamental purpose of this grass is to avoid the need of vacuuming, to mow, and to water, so I just figured out this a pocket-friendly. Other than budget factor it doesn’t require pesticide and fertilizers treatment.

Having kids in my home so I was often worried about their injuries through slipping in mud because in coastal condition water seeps through the mud and it just stopped there if there is no proper drainage system. Somehow if trimming weren’t done from a long time, then sharp edges of grass would be harmful to kids so these were the factors which can be handled only when I will install artificial grass. So I just refurbished my lawn with artificial grass for Cambridge residential place of mine. Adjacent areas of my home are covered with greenery which is being monitored on a daily basis, but I didn’t have enough time, so I prefer to go through short cut of synthetic turf.

But as I told earlier things don’t go right in my case after few days of installation I just thought to walk with bare foots on grass, and that was the worst decision of my life heat emission was extreme, and it can easily get much hotter than natural grass. That was the emitting heat that is not bearable, and it is impossible to walk on. I just went through a study that it can quickly go to 60+ degrees C.

It may reduce the cost of maintenance, but installation cost is much greater than our expectation because most of the installation come along in a package of the drainage system to improve the irrigation of the grass and per square feet, you will experience unexpected cost. Even though weather condition doesn’t cool down the temperature of grass so you can’t say it would be ideal for you and kids to walk on. Toxic materials are used in the lawn construction also recycled tires are used in padding, so it’s up to you either to choose a healthy option or to go with artificial one. I don’t want anyone to go with such stuff about which you don’t have any idea as I did. Don’t forget to take advice before going to mess with your natural grass.